Our services

At Sustainable Leadership Laboratory our vision is to be a catalyzer for the rapid change to a sustainable global marketplace. We help organizations and their leaders capitalize on emerging opportunities. Our consultants are all established managment consultants or expert who specialize in organizational development, leadership training and creating new value by cross-fertilizing know-how and do-how.

Our work takes us around the world but we focus on helping businesses expand by developing deep market insight, competitive strategies, powerful leadership skills and winning new marketshare in Scandinavia and the USA. We have offices in Washington DC, Santa Fe, N.M and Stockholm.

SLL offers services in three key areas:

1. Sharpen clients competitive edge - create and implement eco-business strategies for organizations

2. Create resilient and agile organizations- Train executives, managers and experts in sustainable leadership skills.

3. Expand business - market our clients in the clean-tech sector in both Scandinavia and the USA.

4. Design and facilitate events which support the mulit-disciplinary exchange of know-how in private business and public organizations.

We partner with a variety of agencies in the USA and Scandinavia to help market green business solutions in Sweden an USA.

For more information, contact our CEO, Stuart Pledger at stuart.pledger@sustainleaders.com or 46 705-251605.